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Kuopio Airport enjoys a very special setting: in the middle of the most beautiful lake district

Article published
17.4.2015 at 06:00
Landing at this airport is a very special experience, as you are surrounded by lakes everywhere, interspersed with green forests.

The setting of Kuopio's airport has been described as the most beautiful in the world. This lake district in Finland is Europe's largest lake area, and Kuopio is at the heart of this unique region.

The airport lies between the Juurusvesi and Iso-Jälä lakes.

'The seasonal changes in our scenery are particularly beloved by our foreign visitors. The blue of the water in the summer, rust and gold autumn colours, wintery snow and ice, and the multitude of islands never fail to make an impression on our guests. For those of us who live here in Kuopio, this beauty is obviously so familiar that we don't even pay much attention to how special it really is', explains Airport Manager Raija Niskanen.

Dock your own boat

If you want to travel by water, the distance from Kuopio Airport to the passenger harbour in Kuopio is some 20 km. The Lake Terminal, situated close to the airport, can be accessed by boats up to 6 m in height.

'You can dock at the pier and enjoy a nice cup of coffee or a drink at the terminal'.

In addition to magnificent lake scenery, Kuopio Airport's attractions include the Karelian Air Command Hornets. Their take-offs and landings are often admired by Finnish and foreign passengers alike.

Taking it easy

Kuopio is typically marketed as one of the most fascinating cities in Finland. It is well-known for events such as the Kuopio Tanssii ja Soi dance festival, as well as the Tahko resort. The slogan used for branding the area, 'unexpected encounters', comes true at the airport quite often.

'Kuopio Airport is renowned for great customer service and a relaxed feeling. We want every passenger to feel comfortable and receive a warm welcome', Niskanen says.

'An easy-going attitude is characteristic of the Savonia area, and it's seen at the airport, too. However, the other traditional trait, a sort of a playful sneakiness, is rather rare here.'

Generally, about 7 to 8 flights land at Kuopio Airport on weekdays, and a few less at weekends. Scheduled flights connect Kuopio with Helsinki, while charter flights carry passengers toward sunnier places in the south. The annual number of passengers amounts to 260,000.

'The majority of our passengers are business travellers, and, in fact, summer is always the quietest season here at Kuopio Airport', Niskanen continues.

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