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Local character makes Kuopio Airport special

Article published
5.8.2015 at 06:00
Aune Mergold.
Lying at the heart of the beautiful Savo region, Kuopio Airport is a typical small airport, with each employee busy with a wide range of tasks every day.

Kuopio Airport is situated in Rissala, roughly 14 km from the centre of Kuopio. In terms of passenger numbers, it is Finland's seventh busiest airport.

This airport is used for both international and domestic flights, and last year 260,364 passengers travelled via the facility.

Here, as at most other small airports, the employees perform diverse tasks in the course of the day.

'We are multitaskers. For instance, everybody in maintenance and emergency services has also completed a security-check course and does that work too,' explains Service Manager Aune Mergold.

Team spirit

Kuopio Airport was renovated in 2014. All terminal furnishings were replaced, and a new restaurant opened in the gate area.

The airport is used for both civil and military aviation.

Being involved in so many, quite different tasks has made the airport’s staff feel like a closely knit group.

'We have great team spirit, within our teams but also with those handling other functions at the airport. This is why I enjoy working here so much,' continues Mergold.

Local specialities

Regular passenger traffic at Kuopio Airport began in 1946. The airport also serves as an emergency-landing site for long-haul flights to and from the Far East, since the route passes right above and this is one of the few airports that can handle the weight of a Boeing 747.

Local character is an area of emphasis for Kuopio Airport.

'Our café serves many local delicacies, such as Finnish fish pie baked in bread,' says Mergold, who continues:

'In our furnishings, we have also paid attention to the theme of waterways and islands – nature surrounding the airport.'

The reed theme is echoed in the airport building's windows and service desks. Passengers waiting for a flight can sit on benches that seem to come straight from a peer or on sofas that resemble rock. Blocks from tree trunks function well as tables or stools.

People in the Savo region are renowned for their good humour, and the staff at the airport want to serve customers here in the same spirit.

'Sense of humour is an important ingredient in customer service, and, in fact, Kuopio Airport has always fared well in customer-satisfaction surveys. We work hard to ensure that our airport is a pleasant, hassle-free place for everyone, and that we are approachable,' Mergold concludes.

If you are a departing passenger, you can read more about Kuopio Airport's services on 'the 'I'm departing’ page.

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