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Look at the size of that aeroplane!

2.10.2015 at 06:00
The new Airbus Extra Widebody A350 XWB is huge for an aircraft. We looked at the strategic measurements of this giant bird of steel.

Helsinki Airport is set to be the first European airport to become a base for Airbus' new A350 XWB aeroplane. 

Finnair's brand-new aeroplanes are more energy-efficient and offer the passenger superior comfort. Their dimensions are impressive too. 

As high as an apartment building 

At the rudder, the A350 is a whopping 17 metres tall, as high as a five-floor apartment building. It would take three male giraffes standing on top of each other to reach that height. 

Longer than a blue whale

The length of the A350 is nearly 67 metres and the wingspan nearly 65 metres. These wouldn't be bad lengths in women's javelin or hammer throw either.

It would take two of the world's largest animals, blue whales, to cover the distance from the A350 front to back or from one wingtip to another.

Across or side by side 

The widest point of the frame in the cabin is 5.61 metres wide, enough to fit two or three cars side by side or a van across.

Heavyweight lift 

During take-off, the weight of the Airbus A350 XWB is up to 275 tonnes, as much as a hundred fully grown rhinos or 150 fully packed small family cars.

Ten times faster than cheetah 

At its fastest, the Airbus A350 XWB flies at 944 km/h. This maximum speed is more than ten times faster than cheetah can run. 

More than a party's worth of people 

The A350 can accommodate nearly 300 passengers, something similar to a big wedding party or the celebration of a special occasion, for example.

 How to get aboard an A350?  

Finnair will begin operating Airbus A350 XWB flights from the end of October.

The first scheduled flight, from Helsinki to Shanghai, takes place on 25 October, and the A350 opens its Helsinki-Beijing route on 21 November. The A350 will eventually also be employed on the Helsinki-Hong Kong and Helsinki-Singapore routes. 

Read more about the arrival of the new type of aircraft at Helsinki Airport on our website.

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