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The meal of the month: hot soups and traditional baked goods

Article published
4.2.2015 at 07:00
Tasty salmon soup.
If you are on your way to a winter break, pick a hot soup to warm you up and a traditional baked delicacy to celebrate the occasion.

In February, Finland first celebrates the day of the national poet J. L. Runeberg on the 5th, followed by Shrovetide, a moveable feast that precedes Easter.

Shrovetide comprises Shrove Sunday and Shrove Tuesday two days later. Many countries also include the Monday between the two in the Shrovetide period. Shrove Tuesday falls on 17th February this year.

For a few weeks, Helsinki Airport cafés will serve Runeberg tortes and a little later ‘laskiaispulla’, sweet breads filled with jam or almond and whipped cream.

And in honour of Valentine’s Day on 14th February, heart-shaped donuts are also on offer.

Piping hot soups to fuel your winter-break

A rich soup is a great way to ensure you start your skiing holiday full of energy.

Seasons restaurant at Gate 14 serves a creamy salmon soup with rainbow trout roe, organic rye bread, and butter (EUR 14.80). A children’s meal is EUR 7.50.

At Gate 27 on the second floor, Fly Inn Deli & Restaurant also offers a meal of salmon soup, rye bread, and butter (EUR 12.90 / 14.50), or potato and leek soup with olive oil, tarragon, and rye croutons (EUR 12.50 / 16.00). Or why not try an airy pumpkin soup with caramelised pumpkin and spicy milk foam (EUR 12.50)?

Café Tori at Gate 26–27 serves a soup of the day for EUR 7.30, with different soups daily.

Likewise, Cesar´s Little Italy on the ground floor of Terminal 2 offers a soup of the day for EUR 6.50 / 7.90.

Bon appétit!