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More travel comfort in Ivalo

Article published
19.2.2015 at 07:00
Flight control tower at Ivalo airport.
Ivalo Airport’s expansion and renovation works are proceeding as planned. The aim is to make travelling even smoother and faster.

The runway, taxiway, and apron were resurfaced last autumn, and the terminals will be the next completed stage. First, the terminal will be extended, with over 2,800 square metres of new space – nearly double the existing space.

‘All central operations from check-in to security checks will be placed in the new area, along with a café’, explains Martti Oinas, Finavia’s regional director for Lapland.

The building work is scheduled to finish in the spring. The project brings about some temporary rearrangements in the old terminal, but we wanted to ensure that passengers could move around as effortlessly as possible throughout the works.

Once the new section is completed, the old terminal will undergo renovations that should be finished well in time before the next winter season.

This means that the next winter season will open with grand new facilities at Ivalo Airport. All departure gates will be in the renewed old terminal building, and the new section will be dedicated to customer service. The gate area will also feature an up-to-date restaurant section.

Increased volumes through better travel experience

The renovation project aims to streamline the travel experience and improve the supply of services.

‘The new premises will improve ease of use and comfort levels for everyone using the airport, both passengers and employees alike. Increasing passenger numbers also boosts the tourism sector throughout Lapland’, continues Oinas.

One area with particularly significant enhancements is check-in. In Lapland, airport check-in and security check services require more space than elsewhere, because most passengers usually bring all sorts of bulky winter sport equipment with them.

Passenger traffic grew by 4.4% in December at all Lapland airports, with most of the growth generated by international traffic. This winter both Finnair/Flybe and Norwegian fly direct to Ivalo from Helsinki Airport.

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