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Number of airplanes growing globally

7.10.2015 at 09:06
The key influencers and decision-makers of commercial aviation industry have gathered in Helsinki to the global CAPA World Aviation Summit. The two day event takes places in Kalastajatorppa 7-8 October. Finavia is both the host of the event and the official partner.

This year’s conference concentrates on the main trends of global aviation and on travel markets. The first seminar day started this morning with a market outlook by Jonathan Wober, Chief Financial Analyst of Center for Aviation.

The growth perspective of aviation is strong. The number of passengers has been growning about 5 % annually. According to Wober, the profit margins of airlines are set to grow this year, and are expected to reach almost 6 % in 2015. One of the main factors affecting this trend is the lower fuel prices.

In addition, the sizes of airline fleets are constantly growing. In other words, the amount of airplanes in the world is increasing to meet the demands of the increasing amount of passengers. The growth rate has been over 3 % for the past few years and is expected to reach 4 % in 2016.

According to Wober even downturn is good in the airline industry. It acts as a good test of airline’s strength and forces the weakest players to exit the market.

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Airbus A350 arriving at Helsinki Airport today

On 7 October 2015, Helsinki Airport will become the first home airport in Europe for the Airbus A350 XWB aircraft. The new aircraft boosts the future growth of the airport.

The airport is ready for the nearly 300-seat aircraft. Some renovation has been done on the two oldest passenger bridges, but no other modifications have been necessary. The Airbus A350 has visited Helsinki Airport once before, in summer 2014. Now, the new aircraft will be parked and connected to a passenger bridge for the first time.

The landing of Airbus A350 XWB at Helsinki Airport will be estimated at 5:45 PM. The arrival will be celebrated with the traditional water salute. The water cannons of the airport's fire trucks will draw a high arch, under which the aircraft will glide on the taxiway.

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