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Pharmacy and Alko at Arrivals 2A: changes in opening hours 20.-21.1.

Article published
19.1.2015 at 12:43
Pharmacy's store front at Helsinki Airport arrivals.
Pharmacy and Alko located at Arrivals 2A lobby in terminal 2 will move about 50 meters from their current location. Pharmacy aims to be open for customers during the move. Alko is closed 20.-21.1. and will open for customers at 22.1. afternoon.

The move is related to the renewal work done at Arrivals 2A. Pharmacy and Alko continue to be found from Arrivals 2A, but about 50 meters from their current location.

Pharmacy at gate 27 is open for customers normally.

In addition, Change Groupin money exchange will move to a different location at Arrivals 2A lobby, about 30 meters from its current location.

Arrivals 2A lobby renewed

The Arrivals 2A lobby in Terminal 2 will be transformed completely during the upcoming spring. A

After the renovation, which was launched in November 2014, the range of services at the airport will be updated and broadened. Services will be centralised to make it easier for arriving passengers to do business at the airport or leave the airport. The service points in luggage handover lobby Exit 2A will be renovated at the same time.

The first phase of renovation, the renewal of the entrance door of Arrivals 2A, was completed in December 2014.

All renovation work is tried to do in a way that causes as little disturbance to passengers as possible. Finavia however apologises any inconvenience the work may cause.

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