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Remember to keep an eye on your baggage at all times

20.8.2015 at 06:00
Anyone visiting an airport should always be sure never to leave their baggage unattended.

To make flying safe for all, no baggage items should be left anywhere unattended or under the care of strangers.

Any suitcases or bags found on their own at an airport, without an owner nearby, will be reported to airport security services by the personnel.

'The situation will always be investigated by a guard, who then passes it on to the police. After making their own risk assessment, the police will take any necessary action', says Ari Kumara, Head of Security Services at Helsinki Airport.

In the worst case scenario, the bag and the surrounding area has to be isolated for further investigation, and in the best possible case the bag will be sent to the lost and found.

Whenever you are at an airport, you should also bear in mind other instructions aimed at enhancing the safety of flying.

Don't carry any valuables in your pockets, but keep your money, wallets, and passport in a handbag, trolley, or backpack. Also, remember to button or zip up the bags and backpacks.

Pack your bags yourself. Do not agree to carry any items on the behalf of others, especially if you don't know what the parcel or item contains.

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