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Renovation work to T2 forecourt: Drivers picking up or dropping off passengers are requested to drive to the Pikaparkki

Article published
23.8.2015 at 03:00
Renovation work to the bridge at the front of Terminal 2’s departure floor will begin on Monday 24 August. The work should be complete within about six weeks, but by 16 October at the latest.

Drivers dropping off passengers are requested to drive to Terminal 2’s Pikaparkki. The stopping area intended for dropping off passengers is partly out of use and the area at the front of the terminal’s main entrance is busy.

Drivers can leave the Pikaparkki free of charge within 10 minutes of entering the parking facility, which makes it possible to drop off passengers. When driving out, feed into the barrier device the parking hall ticket you received when entering. If 10 minutes is exceeded, stamp the ticket in the parking hall ticket machine and pay the normal parking fee.

Find more information from the web pages intended for drivers dropping off and picking up passengers. The web pages will give you timetables, terminal services and parking fees.

The construction site will be enclosed for the duration of the renovation work and pedestrians will be guided by temporary signs. Bus stops and the so-called drop-off area will be moved temporarily about 50 metres further forward.

We apologise for the inconvenience.