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Ring Rail Line opens: Better transport connections to Helsinki Airport from all over Finland

Article published
30.6.2015 at 11:00
Architectural visualization of  Helsinki Airports train station.
The Ring Rail Line that opens in July also improves connections from around Finland to the capital region.

With the Ring Rail Line, travelling becomes easier in the capital region for those who come from different parts of the country. Those who fly to Helsinki Airport from the regional airports can take the train and travel to the Helsinki city centre or to stations along the track.

The train is a competitive alternative, for example, to a taxi, as it will take you to the Helsinki city centre at the price of the ordinary regional ticket. All the trains on the route are low-floor trains, so they are easy to use even with luggage.

For example, visiting the Housing Fair this summer in Vantaa, Kivistö, will be convenient as Kivistö is one of the stations on the Ring Rail Line. Train will also take you to the expo and convention centre Messukeskus Helsinki in Pasila.

From home to the airport by train

With the Ring Rail Line, all the towns with a train connection will have a direct link to Helsinki Airport. The train station at Helsinki Airport will be opened by July 10.

The domestic trains using the main train line stop in Vantaa, Tikkurila, where passengers can change trains to the airport train. For example, those who live in Hämeenlinna or Lahti can start their holiday or work trip conveniently by train.

The Tikkurila station has been upgraded completely, so changing trains there is now more pleasant than before. The new mall, Dixi, opened its doors at the station in January, and the second phase will be ready in autumn 2016.

Trains every ten minutes

The Ring Rail Line connects the main line and the Vantaankoski line. The new rail connection runs from Tikkurila via Helsinki Airport to Vantaankoski.

The trains travel the Ring Rail Line with 10–15-minute intervals in both directions.

Late at night and early in the morning the interval is 30 minutes. The stops on the Ring Rail Line from Tikkurila's direction are Leinelä, Helsinki Airport, Aviapolis, Kivistö and Vehkala.