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Swarovski's new spring collection at Helsinki Airport

Article published
28.3.2015 at 07:00
Swarovski jewelry and crystals.
Swarovski's crystal jewellery sparkles brightly in the spring sunshine.

They always seem to sparkle more than the rest put together, and no wonder, as the Swarovski family are careful to always protect the composition of their crystals. The family-run company has passed the secret from one generation to the next since 1895.

Crystal is softer than normal glass. It is cut and polished using the method developed by the founder, Daniel Swarovski, and further perfected during the 120 years it has been in use.

Skilful polishing makes the glass sparkle like diamonds. As a general rule, the prices for products made of crystal and jewellery metals still remain accessible to all.

This year, the face of Swarovski's spring campaign is Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr, whose motto fits the brand to a tee: 'You don't need a lot of money to have style, just a good eye for accessories'.

Swarovski is known for glamorous jewellery and small crystal figurines that are greatly beloved by collectors. The best-known figurine must be the swan, which is also familiar from the company's logo. The society of crystal figurine collectors numbers nearly 300,000 members throughout the world.

Dazzle for the season's parties

Earring and necklace sets prove to be Swarovski's classic favourites year after year. The growing selection also includes mobile phone covers, handbags, sunglasses, and many more items.

The company's crystals also feature in many other products, as Swarovski sells loose crystals, too. For instance, you can pick up a necklace that is embellished with crystals and contains a USB memory stick.

At Helsinki Airport, Swarovski is represented by Finngold at Gate 30. Why not add the final polish to your party outfit this spring by selecting the luxurious Stardust bracelet from this season's collection? Its innovative structure makes it sparkle in 3D, and it is available in five colours and two sizes (EUR 69/79).

If you are after a nice souvenir or gift from Finland, the Finland pen (EUR 29) is a great option. Its pearl-white colour is set off by deep-blue crystals and is only available at Helsinki Airport.

A sparkly spring to all!

Photos: Jari Härkönen, iStockphoto