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Tastes of Helsinki Airport: the best regional flavours now available

Article published
26.9.2015 at 06:00
The "Tastes of Helsinki Airport" dish of Wine & View at Helsinki Airport provides airport customers with the best flavours from different provinces of Finland.

Punaheidi cheese with sea buckthorn berry sauce

The Sastamala-based Herkkujuustola cheese factory combines cheesemaker Peter Dörn's Swiss cheesemaking tradition and fresh Finnish ingredients. The cheeses have the "Maakuntien parhaat" ("The Best from the Finnish Provinces") and "Hyvää Suomesta" ("Produce from Finland") labels. Glorian Ruoka & Viini magazine selected Herkkujuustola as the producer of the year in 2011.

Smoked, slow-cooked beef entrecôte with roasted onions

A family enterprise established in Ylöjärvi more than 50 years ago, the meat processing company Veljekset Mattila uses the old Finnish method in their production, where meat is slowly cured in a genuine smoke sauna that uses alder wood for fuel.

Rosala loaf with rainbow trout roe

The Rosala loaf was introduced in the early 1990s by a catering company founded by Sixten and Rita Laine in Hiittinen. They first baked the loaf for customer parties and received brilliant feedback.
The small-scale catering company is now a full-scale bakery that bakes thousands of loaves of bread every week using no additives or preservatives.

Hand-made marshmallows

Konditoria pH7 is a family enterprise established in Tuusula in 2007. Prior to establishing the company, its owners, the Rantala family, learned the ropes in Finland and abroad, and have represented Finland in the country’s chef and baker teams.

"The Tastes of Helsinki Airport" dish will be available at Wine & View in autumn 2015.

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Source: SSP Finland's release, September 2015