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Tips from a conference centre hostess: ‘Combine your flights and meetings’

Article published
6.4.2015 at 06:00
Meeting hostess of Congress T2 Helsinki Airport, Noora Keskitalo.
Helsinki Airport's conference facilities are an ideal place for meetings or VIP events. Meeting hostesses look after guests at the centre. Their work varies and no two days are the same.

Noora Keskitalo is a staff member at Congress T2 Helsinki Airport, situated on the second floor of Terminal 2. The centre organises meetings that can accommodate dozens of participants.

'If all of our meeting facilities are booked at the same time, the total number of guests easily tops a hundred. We make the coffee and serve other foods or snacks according to the customers' wishes. In addition to that, we ensure the rooms are kept nice and tidy', Keskitalo tells us.

'We have regular customers from all over the world. Most are from the Nordic countries and elsewhere in Europe, but we have hosted groups all the way from Asia as well', she continues.

Meetings even without flying

The centre has suitable facilities for different types of events, such as quick two-person meetings during transfer layovers, for instance. The cabinets are also available for evening events or cocktails, or events such as small-scale trade shows.

Some of the centre's most popular products are three-hour or full-day meeting packages that include morning coffee or a buffet lunch.

Congress T2 Helsinki Airport is equipped with modern meeting technology, which can be complemented with a laptop and conference telephone for a small fee.

Meeting rooms can be hired even if the participants are not about to fly anywhere, but just wish to hold their meeting in the setting of an international airport.

VIP service avoids queues

The conference centre is situated close to the security check area, and allows meeting participants to reach the security check quickly, without long walks around the airport.

Passengers can also be offered a special VIP service, and in this case meeting hostesses take care of the check-in procedures. Guests can be accompanied to and from gates.

'VIP customers don't have to queue, as we guide them to their gates along different routes', Keskitalo explains.

Arrival to the conference centre is simple too, as the bus and coach platforms, taxi station, and parking areas are right next to the meeting facilities.

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