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Top5 Christmas shopping ideas at Helsinki Airport

13.12.2015 at 07:00
Christmas shopping is easy at Helsinki Airport – the best brands, short distances and friendly service. Best of all, the new gift wrapping service does all the wrapping for you.

Marimekko tableware in Christmas red

Marimekko’s timeless Oiva tableware collection in three designs and two colours – Christmas red and black – includes mugs, glogg cups, bowls and plates for the season.

Marimekko is a perfect gift idea from Helsinki Airport – it must be one of Finland’s best known and most loved brands.

The cute, ceramic spoons guarantee that finishing touch in your Christmas table setting.

Mugs, cups, bowls and plates 16.50-17.50 euros, spoon set of four spoons 39.50 euros.

Marimekko Shop is located at gate 26–27.

Suunto Kailash – the ultimate travel watch

Suunto Kailash (in four colours, 900 euros) is the ultimate traveller’s watch. The made in Finland travel watch features integrated GPS, smart mobile connectivity and innovative displays.

It logs your travels and adventures and keeps you updated on everything. Did you know that the name Kailash comes from a holy Tibetan peak that has never been climbed?

Suunto Kailash watches can be found at Lindroos, at gates 27 and 33.

Michael Kors: Selma Mini Crossbody

The smartest style choice that works perfectly from day to night is Michael Kors's new Selma Mini Messenger crossbody bag. It comes in three beautiful colours; stylish pale gold, exquisite ecru and daring cherry with or without studs (175 / 160 euros) and has an adjustable strap.

Michael Kors shop is located at gate 32. 

Trational winter set includes a hat, gloves and a scarf

If you're looking for something particularly Finnish, you'll find it in Kankurin Tupa that sells traditional and modern knitwear collections and much more. For somebody who likes to stand out from the crowd: a 100 % wool traditional set includes a hat (45 euros), gloves (36 euros) and a scarf (68 euros). The set is available in three sizes and two colours.

Kankurin Tupa is located at gates 26 and 35. 

Finnish Gravlax is the traditional Christmas appetizer

The classic Christmas dinner appetizer in Finland is gravlax - high-quality salmon cured in salt, sugar and traditional spices, such as dill.

Now Ekstrom's, a Finnish fish delicacy company in three generations, has added a new twist to its award-winning lax: try gravlax spiced with juniper or fennel (8.95 euros for 200 gr).

You'll also find the traditional version with dill and many other unique fish delicacies in the two Finefood shops at the airport, located at gates 20 and 30. 

New this year: Gift Wrapping Service

All your Christmas shopping can be wrapped in our unique Gift Wrapping Service at gate 28. Just walk into a gigantic gift box and have the wrapping done for you! Open Mon-Sat, 1 pm–8pm.

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