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Which of the Moomins is your favourite?

6.10.2015 at 07:00
Do you like the nosy Moomintroll, calm and collected Moominmamma, or inimitable Snufkin? Or perhaps the newest of the bunch: Moomin Ancestor?

The Moomin family has a new, mysterious member, and you can find him at Helsinki Airport's Moomin Shop.

Moomins originate from the pen of the greatly beloved Finnish artist Tove Jansson (1914–2001), who found the inspiration for the characters from those around her. 

The Moomin product family is growing

Today, Moomins are a global brand with over 450 licence holders. The product range includes cups and plates, stationery, bags, toys, and much more.

At times, forgotten characters are discovered in the magical world of the Moomin books. The most recent find was Moomin Ancestor.

And, of course, one of this autumn's new products is a wallet with the Ancestor in all of his furry glory. This darkish character was first seen hiding in a chandelier in the Moominland Midwinter book.

What to look for this autumn

You can also find a lot more in Helsinki Airport's Moomin Shop at Gates 26–27, open from 5 am to late night. The shop recommends the following for anyone travelling this autumn:

  • All bags are discounted by 20% to celebrate the autumn, and are now priced at EUR 32.00.
  • The 20% discount also applies to wallets and purses, from EUR 12.00 to 20.00 with the discount.
  • A Moomin thermos keeps your drinks hot or cold on the move. The thermos comes in five designs and costs EUR 25.00.
  • A Moomin pillow can make a long flight more comfortable, EUR 36.00.

The shop carries many products to help pass the time during the flight: coloured pencils, felt-tips, crayons, and five different activity books, at EUR 6.50 each.


Moomin mugs

The first Moomin book came out in the 1940s, and since then the stories have been published as novels, picture books, and comics, translated into over 50 languages. Moomins were originally created for stories intended for grown-ups, but children soon began to love them as well. 

They are particularly popular in Japan, largely due to a much-loved TV series shown as early as in 1969. A more recent 104-part animated series shown in many countries at the beginning of the 1990s made Moomins familiar all over the world.

Soon after, Moomins were seen in many products, as the brand was licenced to high-quality products sharing the same set of values.

The mugs launched by Finnish Arabia in 1991 were among the first Moomin products. The early models have become sought-after collector items.

Welcome to the captivating Moomin Shop!

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