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Airport restaurant with a history

7.9.2016 at 06:00
Fly Inn restaurant has operated at Helsinki Airport since 1969, and has been a favorite among staff and passengers.

Fly Inn restaurant (Gate 27) has operated at Helsinki Airport, almost in the same spot, since 1969. Before the airport was expanded in 1983, it was, in fact, pretty much the only restaurant at the airport, which means that Fly Inn has been a real meeting spot.

”Before the restaurant moved to the area beyond the security check in 2009, it was a real favorite among local folk: for instance Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and May Day lunches were very popular among families. They were always festive times; no one was in a hurry,” says Juha Johansson, who worked as Shift Manager at Fly Inn between 2000 and 2009.

Fly Inn was a regular hang-out for not only passengers and locals, but also the airline and airport staff. In fact, back in the day, personnel had a special code to call colleagues to Fly Inn.

”If you heard an announcement calling for passenger So-and-so to immediately report to Gate B6, the staff knew that meant colleagues were meeting up at Fly Inn,” Johansson explains. “The joke dated back to the time when Helsinki Airport’s gates ran until A6. B6 was code that all airport staff recognized, but to passengers it sounded like a regular announcement.”

Finnish flavors and a fantastic view

Through the years, Fly Inn has focused on pure Finnish flavors. Johansson says traditional favorites have included reindeer stew and creamy salmon soup, the latter staying on the menu to this day.

The feel of the place has, however, changed somewhat from past decades.

”Moving to the gate area past security check changed the clientele and atmosphere. Nowadays Fly Inn serves first and foremost passengers departing from Helsinki Airport, and there are less local regulars,” says Johansson who currently works as Shift Manager at the Airport’s Congress facilities.

From a traditional local eatery, Fly Inn has grown into a modern Finnish concept restaurant serving an increasingly international clientele. Still, the peaceful location, a menu based on fresh Finnish ingredients and an inspiring view over the busy runways still make Fly Inn a classic airport restaurant.

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