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Autumn air traffic starts up in Joensuu

19.8.2016 at 07:30
Air traffic of the autumn season has started quickly at Joensuu Airport. Joensuu Airport provides a quick and convenient connection to Helsinki via scheduled flights and holiday flights to several European destinations.

There are several scheduled flights to Helsinki Airport every day. Five daily flights are operated from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays and Sundays there are three flights per day.

During the autumn, there are 15 direct holiday flights to several destinations in Europe. Holiday flights take passengers to Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Italy, Spain and the Canary Islands.

"We are delighted to serve a larger number of passengers in the autumn. Joensuu provides good connections, since the flight to Helsinki takes only an hour and Helsinki Airport offers passengers excellent connections around the world. In addition, direct holiday flights from the home airport have been widely popular among passengers," says Auli Koistinen, Finavia’s Airport Manager at the Joensuu Airport.

Convenient air travel from the renovated airport

The renovation works of Joensuu Airport were completed early this year. The renovation has made moving around the airport easier for passengers and the comfort of the terminal has been improved as well.

The interior of the terminal has been introduced elements from the nature and forest—which suits Joensuu very well, since it is the forest capital of Europe. Also, the restaurant has been given a new look and improvements have been implemented in the security control point as well.

And parking is also easy since the airport offers passengers excellent parking possibilities. Joensuu Airport uses the EasyPark parking system which provides passengers with the possibility paying for their parking easily with the EasyPark mobile app. You can download the app from your phone’s app store or online at

In addition to your own car, you can easily reach the airport by bus, since buses run from the centre of Joensuu to each scheduled flight.

The opening hours of the terminal are designed to accommodate all arriving and departing flights.

Finavia has invested in the network’s airports

Finavia implemented an extensive investment program in its airport network during 2013–2015. During the past few years, renovation work has been conducted in the network’s airports, transport areas have been improved and interior design projects have been conducted in order to make the spaces more pleasant.

In 2015, approximately EUR 25 million was invested in the network’s airports; the estimated impact on employment is 350 person-years.