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Best bites for hungry travellers

18.3.2016 at 07:00
From a chicken bacon club served at a Finnish-themed café to an open-faced shrimp sandwich that can feed a small army, here are six filling and flavorful sandwiches you can enjoy at Helsinki Airport.

We've all been there: You’ve presented your documents at the check in counter and shuffled through airport security and immigration. You managed to do everything with lots of time to spare before your flight. Then it hits you: you're really, really hungry.

With interesting restaurants every few gates, eating in transit is easy at Helsinki Airport. The sandwiches on offer, in particular, are perfect pre-flight fuel. So whether you’re feeding yourself for a long journey or dealing with hunger pangs during a three-hour layover, here are some filling and flavorful sandwiches you can order to-go or sample while sitting down.

What: New Yorker Baguette, 8,80€
Where: Upper Crust (Gate 19)

Why: Since launching their first site in London’s Waterloo Station in 1986, the UK baguette specialists have grown to over 100 stores all around the world, including a busy one at Helsinki Airport.

If you’re in the mood for something quick and easy, this sandwich – filled with beef pastrami, Emmental and pickled cucumbers – is delicious warm or cold, and great with coffee or English cider.

What: Chicken Bacon Club, 8,90€
Where: Tapio Café (Gate 24)

Why: Named after the East Finnish forest god, this café and takeaway features interiors inspired by ethnic Finland. Chairs and tables from Artek, Iittala tableware and Marimekko fabrics complete the Finnish theme.

Ingredients for light dining choices – from reindeer meatballs and Lapland cheese salad to this chicken bacon club sandwich – are sourced from small-scale farmers and leading local brands.

What: Open-faced Shrimp Sandwich with Lemon Mayonnaise and Boiled Egg, 21,50€
Where: Nordic Kitchen (Gate 35, non-Schengen area)

Why: This deli, bar and à la carte restaurant serves breakfast, snacks, full meals and drinks. The relaxed atmosphere complements the menu, which features classic dishes from all over Scandinavia. This open-faced sandwich, for instance, is quite satisfying and is an easy way to serve a large group looking to fill up before a flight.

What: Spicy Hot Dog, 6,50€
Where: Richie’s Gourmet Hot Dogs (Arrival 2A)

Why: The meat products from this popular kiosk come from a small company operating in Malmö, Sweden. All their sausages, including this spicy 130-gram banger, are perfectly seasoned. Most of all, they have a uniquely delicate snap when you bite into them, a true sign of high quality.

What: Smoked Salmon Sandwich, 6,50€
Where: Bistrot Helsinki Airport (Arrival 2A)

Why: For unfussy, Italian-style comfort food, head to the arrivals hall just before security control. With breads and pastries baked on-site and a menu that includes a lot of organic food, Bistrot’s products are always fresh. Even their beer selection supports Finnish breweries.

If you wish to tuck into something small, a slice of pizza with tomato and mozzarella or ham should do the trick. But for bigger appetites, there’s this freshly baked baguette with smoked salmon, excellent with a salad or some pasta

What: Salami Mozzarella Sandwich, 10,50€
Where: Pier Zero (Gate 29)

Why: As it is more a restaurant in an airport than an airport restaurant, the two-storey Pier Zero makes eating well while you wait a pleasure. The deli on the first floor is perfect if you’re craving a handmade salami and mozzarella sandwich or a croissant with your choice of caffeine. Open from 10.30 a.m. until 7 p.m., the upper floor, meanwhile, serves à la carte dishes with Scandinavian flavours.

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