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Changes to Finnair's domestic flights in February and March

10.2.2016 at 07:00
In January and February, Finnair had to cancel several Norra-operated flights due to a shortage of pilots. Norra is an associated company of Finnair. Finnair will also make changes to its traffic programme in February and March to ensure that its domestic connections are reliable.

As usual, the company will revert to the summer season schedule in April.

The shortage is caused by that the common cold season of the winter has affected a substantially higher number of pilots than expected, and that pilots have transferred from Norra to Finnair. Norra has already recruited new commercial pilots and is currently providing them with training in the aircraft types that Norra uses.

Finnair will cancel some of the flights, and passengers will be advised to use other Finnair flights. Bigger aircraft will be used for some of the flights. Finnair will send text messages to customers to notify of the flight changes. More information about the cancelled flights is also available on the Finnair website.

The goal of the changes is to be able to offer flights in different areas to those going on winter holiday, and by using bigger aircraft, it is possible to make sure that those subject to cancelled flights can go on a flight from a neighbouring airport.