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Finavia’s Annual Report 2015 published

29.3.2016 at 08:20
Do you know what the total number of arriving flights at Finavia airports is? What are the busiest days of the week at Helsinki Airport regarding travelling? How much tax did Finavia pay? Did Finavia pay it to countries other than Finland? How many jobs does Finnish air traffic directly provide?

Finavia’s Annual Report provides answers to the above, as well as many other questions. The Annual Report summarises the main events of the year, includes the corporate responsibility report and an account of corporate governance, as well as the financial statements and the Board of Directors' report.   

The Annual Report is available in Finnish and English at

“Finavia is pivotal to the competitiveness and international reach of Finland. Therefore, it is important for our stakeholders to know Finavia’s working methods and where the company is heading. The Annual Report gives good insights into Finavia’s operations and the future of air traffic”, says Mikko Saariaho, SVP, Corporate Communications at Finavia. 

Corporate responsibility reporting is compulsory

According to the Finnish Government’s decision-in-principle regarding the owner policy of the State of Finland, state-owned companies are required to report on corporate responsibility. Finavia's Annual Report follows the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines.

Finavia has been developing its corporate responsibility reporting for several years now. The present Annual Report is the fourth combined annual report and corporate responsibility report.

This is the second time that the corporate responsibility report has been drawn up in compliance with GRI G4. Additionally, the reporting uses indicators specified in the Airport Operators Sector Supplement (AOSS).

The full Annual Report, or individual sections, is available for download in PDF format on the Annual Report website. The online version is also compatible with mobile devices.