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The Finnish Olympic team’s journey to Rio starts at Helsinki Airport

Article published
26.7.2016 at 07:00
With the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro less than ten days away, the Finnish Olympic team is getting ready to travel. These talented athletes’ Olympic journey will get off to a smooth start at Helsinki Airport.

This is the moment Finland’s Olympians have been waiting for – it is time to begin their Rio de Janeiro summer Olympic Games journey. It is a long way from Helsinki to Rio, and making sure the journey goes as smoothly as possible will undoubtedly provide that extra little boost for their Olympic aspirations.

Finavia will be lending a hand to the Finnish Olympic team to make sure that their travelling experience is as relaxed as possible. The athletes will make their way to Rio in late July and early August, depending on when their event is scheduled to take place. The Rio 2016 Summer Olympics will run from 5–21 August.

Olympic travel plans

Finland’s Olympic hopefuls will be supported by Mikaela Ingberg from the Finnish Olympic Committee as they prepare to travel. As a former Olympian herself, she has an excellent understanding of what’s involved.

“All athletes have their own preferred routines, of course, but people will usually try to arrive around eight to ten days before the start of their event to allow them time to recover and deal with the time difference. We are in touch with some of the team to work out how to adjust their daytime routines even before they travel and when to sleep during the flight,” Ingberg explains.

According to Ingberg, Helsinki Airport offers a brilliant setting for the first leg of the journey. It really matters to athletes to have familiar faces waving them off and welcoming them when they arrive in Rio. It generates a sense of calm and confidence and is great for morale.

“That is why I and other committee staff will be there to make sure that everyone gets off to a good start on their Olympic journey,” Ingberg adds.

The logistics involved are challenging as it is not just the athletes themselves making their way to Rio. All of their specialist sporting equipment, including poles, javelins, boats and horses will also need to be transported across the Atlantic. An entire container-load of other essentials has already set off for the Brazilian city.

Finland’s Olympic team currently comprises 54 athletes.

The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio will be a record-breaking event for the Finnish team, as they will represent the country in at least 17 different disciplines. This is the highest number since the Helsinki Games of 1952, when Finnish athletes competed in a total of 18 sports. Did you know that Helsinki Airport was opened exactly 64 years ago to coincide with the Olympic Games in Helsinki?

Get into the Olympic spirit

Sports fans can also get into the Olympic spirit at Helsinki Airport. The Olympic Games will be screened in a number of cafes and restaurants throughout the airport. With almost 40 screens, the legendary O’Learys sports bar has the entire games completely covered.

You can also catch up on all the action at The Oak Barrel, Tapio Café, Fly Inn Restaurant & Deli, Arctic Bar and downstairs at Pier Zero at Gates 20–30.

If you find yourself at Gates 32–38, Nordic Kitchen will be the best place to enjoy this summer’s most unforgettable moments of sporting glory. All visitors to the airport can view the Olympics at MOI! Helsinki in the arrivals hall.

We recommend that you stay tuned, as Finland’s Olympic athletes will be sharing their latest news on the Finavia social media channels in the coming weeks.

Finavia would like to wish the entire Finnish Olympic team all the best for the games in Rio.

The Finnish Olympic Committee website