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Humans of Helsinki Airport: Enni Tuomi

11.7.2016 at 06:00
Airport lounges offer a relaxed place to start your holiday, says Enni Tuomi, Unit Manager of two lounges at Helsinki Airport.

”I started as a summer employee at one of the cafés at the airport when I was 18. Today, I’m a supervisor at two SSP-owned lounges: [email protected] and SAS Lounge, and I manage a staff of 15 people. My colleagues at the airport are the absolute best; they’re approachable and easygoing.

At the lounges, we offer food, drinks, magazines and a calm place to wait for your flight. We also help with travel plans and changes in itineraries. [email protected] has a lot of holiday travelers and families: the atmosphere is relaxed and customers often spend hours in the lounge. The SAS Lounge attracts more business travelers, who are on a tight schedule.

The rising numbers of passengers and growth of Asian travel through Helsinki Airport are clearly visible in our work. The airport is much more international these days. The challenge and joy of my work lies in the constant variety. You never have to look at your watch as there is always so much to do and so many changing factors to consider, such as weather, holiday seasons and the varying needs of customers.

We always try to make the lounge a relaxing place to start your travel.”

List of all lounges at Helsinki Airport can be found here.

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