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Humans of Helsinki Airport: Taru

4.5.2016 at 06:00
Airport multitasker tackles security checks, departure check-ins as well as travel service.

”I didn’t think I would get the job as a security officer when I applied, so I was really happy when they hired me. After I started I’ve been trained to work at travel service and at departure check-in. I like the variety as it keeps things interesting.

The best days at work are the ones when I feel like I have really helped customers. I am usually in a good mood, but if the passengers look busy I try to just do my job quickly and efficiently. I don’t make things worse by being overly chatty.

I very seldom run into difficult customers. Maybe I come across as a nice little girl so people think I’ll break if they are mean to me. At security check passengers sometimes ask for the manager, as they seem to take a young woman less seriously.

I sometimes run into strange situations at work. For instance, when you ask a passenger to take off their belt at security, you can imagine that pretty much anything can happen. You never know what’s going to go down next at the airport.”

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