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Humans of Helsinki Airport: Tero Kortman

16.12.2016 at 07:00
Master baker Tero Kortman is in charge of Helsinki Airport’s bakery.

”I’ve been a baker and a master baker for 40 years. This is my thing. I couldn’t even imagine doing something different. I have a daughter and son who are also both bakers.

I came to work at Helsinki Airport a little over half a year ago to be the master baker of HMSHost’s Bistrot restaurant. We bake fresh bread and pastries for 18 of HMSHost Finland's restaurants at the airport. Our most popular product is the panini: we make about 18 000 of them a month.

We have seven bakers and my job is to lead them, though I also do hands-on baking as well. I like to work in a fast-paced environment, and can’t stand procrastinating. We need our storage, ovens, displays and trays to be constantly full to keep up with demand.

I’m especially interested in developing new products and improving the way our bakery works. For instance, we used to only offer cookies a few days a week, but now we make rolls of frozen cookie dough that the restaurants themselves can bake on-site as needed. We’ve gotten positive feedback that the bakery’s products are looking great and the whole operation runs more smoothly.”

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