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Match Made in HEL: Designer Bora Aksu’s Guide to London

11.6.2016 at 08:00
London-based fashion designer Bora Aksu finds inspiration in stories and by discovering places with an interesting history.

Aksu suggests that you visit at least these three places in London:

Whitechapel Gallery

“Whitechapel Gallery in East London is an amazing gallery. It’s not just about art pieces but it’s almost like a small world with different rooms. You can actually interact with the work and, in a way, be a part of the pieces. Although the gallery is a bit far from my studio nowadays, I still sometimes use it as my getaway.”

Angel Antique Market

“I like things and places with a story attached to them. To get inspired for my work, I often visit second-hand shops and antique stores. In Angel Antique Market and its vintage shops you’ll find something that you’re not expecting to find, every time.”

Charing Cross Road

“Second-hand bookshops at Charing Cross Road are fascinating places to visit with their basements, back rooms and dust-covered books. It’s a bit sad, however, that more commercial shops are replacing these old ones one by one. But as there are some of them still there, Charing Cross Road is definitely worth a visit.”

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