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More flights to Lapland: Norwegian to start flights from London to Santa's home airport

17.8.2016 at 10:07
Lapland continues to enchant airlines. Norwegian will start direct scheduled flights between London Gatwick and Rovaniemi Airport during the 2016–2017 winter season.

Starting from 19 December, Norwegian will fly twice a week from London to Rovaniemi between December and March. The route will be available on Mondays and Fridays.

“We are happy to accept this new route. Lapland has attracted a number of new routes for the next winter season, and Norwegian's London route is a significant and welcome addition to this list,” says director Joni Sundelin from Finavia.

“It will be much easier for passengers flying from London to visit Santa's home town Rovaniemi, which is an exotic destination for British travellers. And if you are lucky, you can also experience the northern lights,” says Thomas Ramdahl, CCO of Norwegian.

For passengers departing from Rovaniemi, London Gatwick offers excellent connections to different parts of the world. This winter, Norwegian will also fly between London and Rovaniemi via Helsinki.

Tickets are now available at:

One airline after the other are attracted by Lapland

Lapland has attracted a record-high number of new routes for the upcoming winter season.

Monarch will fly to Kittilä from Manchester and London. Lufthansa will start direct scheduled flights from Frankfurt to Ivalo and double its number of flights from Munich to Kittilä. Germania, a German airline, will open as many as three new routes from Germany and Switzerland to Lapland next winter.

Finavia has invested heavily in tourism in Lapland in recent years. Finavia has invested a total of EUR 35 million in Lapland's airports in 2014–2016.

Rovaniemi Airport is Santa's home airport.