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Rovaniemi Airport's runway to be renovated in summer 2016

Press release
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8.1.2016 at 06:29
Back wings of an airplane in the night time at Rovaniemi airport.
Finavia will invest in safe air traffic and the preconditions for tourism in Lapland by renovating the air traffic areas of Rovaniemi Airport in summer 2016. Rovaniemi Airport is the third busiest airport in Finland, and its passenger volume is on the rise.

The runway, the taxiways and the apron of Rovaniemi Airport will be resurfaced in the renovation. In addition, the runway lighting system will be replaced and the rainwater sewerage will be repaired. Aircraft ramps on the apron will be replaced and repaired, and the taxiways at the ends of the runway will be improved to be more suitable for wide-bodied aircraft.

“Rovaniemi Airport is an important gate to Lapland, and this shows in the higher passenger volume. The renovation is for making sure that air traffic to the north is effective and to enable good preconditions for the growth of air traffic in Lapland”, says Joni Sundelin, director at Finavia.

In the renovation, Finavia invests about €13 million in tourism in Lapland. The renovation will be implemented gradually.

Phase one: 16 May – 27 June

Air traffic will continue, but the runway will be shorter than usual. On 13–27 June, the airport will be closed 10 pm – 5.30 am.

Phase two: 28 June – 31 July

The airport will be fully closed. Finavia will arrange free bus transport for passengers from Rovaniemi to Kemi-Tornio Airport and Oulu Airport.

Bus schedules and routes

Phase three: 31 July – 31 August

Air traffic will continue on 1 August, but the runway will be shorter than usual. On 1–12 August, the airport will be closed 10 pm – 5.30 am.

Rovaniemi Airport customer service will help customers, tel. +358 20 708 6506.

Rovaniemi Airport was chosen as Airport of the Year for 2015 in May. Finavia updated the Rovaniemi Airport passenger experience in 2015 by increasing the airport service level, comfort and effectiveness.

In 2014–2016, Finavia will invest a total of over €35 million in Lapland airports. The Ivalo Airport expansion is the largest of Finavia's recent network airport development locations. It was completed in November 2015. In addition, the terminal of Kittilä Airport was updated, and the runway was paved.