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A total of 65,000 tons of tarmac and 130 kilometres of cable: Finavia renovates air traffic areas in Rovaniemi

Press release
3.5.2016 at 07:08
Finavia will launch a runway renovation at Rovaniemi Airport in May. It is the biggest investment in network airports this year: the total investment is about EUR 13 million. Finavia will introduce LED lights on the runway, which will reduce energy consumption.

The runway, taxiway and apron of runway areas will be repaved and lighting technology will be replaced. In addition, rainwater drains will be repaired. Aircraft ramps on the apron will be replaced and repaired, and the taxiways at the ends of the runway will be improved to be more suitable for wide-bodied aircraft.

“The goal of the runway renovation is to ensure fluid and safe air traffic, while laying a good foundation for air traffic growth. Even though the extensive repaving project will already commence in May, we can use the runway as a slightly shorter version in the early summer, thanks to a gradual approach”, says Veli-Pekka Pitkänen, regional director at Finavia.

The first phase of the runway renovation will begin on 16 May, but air traffic will continue as usual in the early summer. The airport will be closed altogether during the second phase, 28 June – 31 July. Rovaniemi Airport will again be opened for air traffic on 1 August, and the runway renovation will be completed by the end of August.

During the aforementioned period, air passengers will be provided with free bus transport to the nearest airports.

New LED lights substantially reduce energy consumption

The area to be repaved at Rovaniemi Airport is about 50 hectares. About 65,000 tons of tarmac will be used in the runway renovation, and the amount of rock material needed is as much as 120,000 tons.

“It will be thousands of truck loads. Of course, the project will not only consist of tarmac removal and repaving; hundreds of new lights will be installed on the runways and taxiways, and up to 130 kilometres of cable will be installed underneath the tarmac”, says Pitkänen.

Rovaniemi is the first network airport in Finland, which will introduce LED technology in the runway lighting system. Halogen lights will be replaced with LED lights because they spares energy and require less frequent maintenance.

“By replacing existing lights with new technology, we can reduce energy consumption by up to 80%. Another positive thing is that the maintenance needs of LED lights are considerably smaller, and they are more usable than halogen lights” says Heikki Heinijoki, Head of Airport Engineering at Finavia.

Finavia has worked for a long time to improve energy-efficiency, and Rovaniemi Airport is included in the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme of the ACI. The programme also includes other Lapland airports and Helsinki Airport.

The first phase of Rovaniemi Airport's runway renovation: 16 May–28 June

Air traffic will continue, but the runway will be shorter than usual. The airport will be closed during the night on 13–27 June.

Phase two: 28 June – 31 July

The airport will be fully closed. Finavia will provide air passengers with free bus transportation from Rovaniemi to the airports in Kemi-Tornio and Oulu.

Phase three: 31 July–31 August

Air traffic will continue on 1 August, but the runway will be shorter than usual. On 1–12 August, the airport will be closed 10 pm – 5.30 am.

“Ongoing air traffic will pose challenges to paving the air traffic areas of Rovaniemi Airport, but we fortunately have extensive experience in airport work. Last summer, for example, we worked hard at the airports in Vaasa and Kittilä. We are happy that the good cooperation with Finavia continues”, says Sami Horttanainen, area director at NCC.

Rovaniemi Airport customer service will help air passengers, tel. 020 708 6506.