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What are most popular sweets at Helsinki Duty Free?

15.4.2016 at 06:00
From salty licorice treats to classic milk chocolate, here’s a list for passengers with a sweet tooth.

With dedicated zones for various confectionery brands and a range of fantastic deals on offer, tax and duty-free shops prove to be irresistible to sweet-toothed passengers looking for a treat for the journey or a special gift for family and friends.

At Helsinki Duty Free, part of Dufry, which operates four stores at Helsinki Airport, confectionery is one of the categories with the broadest appeal. While some of the world’s most recognizable brands and products continue to be popular – from Lindt, Godiva and Milka to Chupa Chups and Ferrero Rocher – a wide range of selected Finnish brands are found to be even more tempting to visitors who are looking to take a taste of Finland home with them.

According to Ulla Luukkonen, Product Manager, Food, Souvenirs and Toys at WDFG Helsinki, these are most in-demand sweets and chocolates at Helsinki Duty Free.

1. Fazer Blue

This chocolate bar comes in a 250g size, which is 50g more than what is normally available at supermarkets. It’s made of real, fresh milk, not powder, which makes it smoother and creamier.

2. Tie: Fazer Salmiakki and Fazer Tyrkisk Peber

As Finnish as sauna and Sibelius, these salty licorice treats are a local delicacy you will either love or hate. Tyrkisk Peber is a strong licorice candy flavored with ammonium chloride and pepper.

3. Panda Suomi and Suomi Blueberry Filled Chocolates

The Finnish confectionery company is famous both for its licorice and chocolate. This one is a favorite among Finns visiting friends abroad.

4. Halva Original Finnish Soft Licorice

Fans love its perfect combination of sweetness and saltiness. If you’re looking for presents for friends and family, this is quite easy to pack in your hand luggage.

5. Biokia Chocolate-coated Bilberries

The tropical flavor of chocolate goes perfectly with the tart taste of the nutrient-rich superfood.

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