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What to eat at the airport when you’re busy?

18.11.2016 at 07:00
Tips for the best fast meals at Helsinki Airport

Being hungry and in a hurry is a surefire way to ruin the start of your trip. Thankfully, airport restaurants are happy to save a busy traveler’s day.

Here are great dishes from Helsinki Airport for passengers pressed for time:

1. Warm soup of the season (8,90e, Café Tori, Gate 26–27)

Café Tori’s soups are made of the best ingredients and seasonal flavors. 

2. Caesar salad with chicken (12,00e, 60 Bar & Brewery, gate 15)

60 Bar’s light and tasty chicken salad is a quick and easy choice that won’t leave you too stuffed for your flight.

3. Traditional Finnish “vety” meat pie (6,90e, The Oak Barrel, gate 22)

For a true Finnish experience, try the “vety” at the famous Oak Barrel pub. This savory treat offers a mixture of minced meat and rice inside a pocket of doughnut dough and is served with fried egg and ham.

4. Tomato and peanut butter sandwich (8,90e, Johan & Nyström, gate 13)

This healthy sandwich is a perfect pre-trip snack, and works best with a cup Johan & Nyström’s freshly brewed coffee.

5. Cesar’s buffet (11,50e, Cesar’s Little Italy, Terminal 2, ground floor)

A warm buffet with a daily changing menu offers something for everyone – and no time spent waiting for your dishes.

6. Boston Celtic BBQ Cheeseburger (19,50e, O’Leary’s, gate 29, 3rd floor)

The most popular burger at the airport’s top sports bar is served with tasty double cheddar and O’Leary’s famous BBQ sauce.

7. Warm salmon quiche, (10,40e, Pier Zero, gate 28–29)

Enjoy your savory quiche while gazing over the airport runways at arriving and departing aircraft.

8. Makula smoked salmon or goat cheese salad (5,90e, Alepa grocery store, Terminal 2, Arrivals Hall 2B)

If you’re on a tight budget, why not grab a ready-made but tasty Makula salad from the airport grocery store downstairs in Terminal 2?

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