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Is your car lost again? These 5 tips will help you remember where you left your vehicle

11.3.2016 at 07:00
When you arrive home after a relaxing trip, it can be challenging to find your car in Helsinki Airport’s massive parking areas. How can you do so without losing your nerves? And what else should you take care of when you leave your vehicle at the airport?

Many travelers arrive at Helsinki Airport by car. Good news for these passengers: There will be more parking spaces, as many as 3000, when the expansion work on parking hall P5 is completed by autumn 2016.

In order to make it easier to find your vehicle after your trip, it is necessary to remember a few important things when you park your car.

1. Book your parking in advance

In order to ensure your parking space, especially during peak times, book in advance through Finavia's web service. Through this reservation system, you can choose where to park and how much you want to pay. After payment, you will receive a QR code via e-mail and text message that will allow you access to the parking area. Parking areas P1 and P2 can also be reached via car registration number recognition.

2. Take a note of the parking area

Helsinki Airport has five different parking areas. If you paid for parking in advance, you will receive a reminder about where you parked in your mail and text message inbox. If you arrived without booking in advance and paid on the spot, make sure to keep your parking ticket in a safe place. Take a photo or write your parking slot number in your calendar if you’re afraid of losing your ticket. This calendar reminder is foolproof – as long as you don’t misplace your mobile phone along the way.

3. Take a picture of your car’s location

Even if you already know your exact parking slot, it can still be hard to find your vehicle. To help you locate it faster, take a picture of your car from a distance. Make sure to include the surrounding area to get a total view.

4. Do not leave food in the car

It is important not to leave any perishable goods in the car especially in the summer time. Throw away all food items, including snacks for kids.

5. Fill up the tank before leaving

When heading back home by car do not leave airport with empty tank. There’s St1 petrol station at the airport, which is open around the clock.

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