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Buy a ticket before boarding the airport train

22.6.2017 at 04:45
From 19 June, tickets can no longer be purchased aboard commuter trains in the metropolitan area. Tickets for the airport train can be bought from ticket machines, R-kioski, and other services.

There are a number of options for purchasing a ticket. Tickets for commuter trains can be bought from ticket machines or R-kioski or purchased with a mobile application or travel card.

VR ticket machines can be found on the platform area of the train station at the airport and in the corridor between the terminals.

The R-kioski at Helsinki Airport can be found in arrivals lobby 2A.

A new single ticket option has been introduced for occasional travellers. It can be purchased in advance at a kiosk and loaded onto a card. The validity of the ticket starts when it is placed on a travel card reader for the first time.

Train conductors still at your service

Conductors will continue serving train passengers. Their services will now extend to the platform area as well. They will pass through the entire train in pairs, assisting and instructing passengers while checking tickets. When the conductors are finished serving one train, they will move on to the next. In the evening and during the night, there will be conductors aboard every train.

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