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Eat for €10 (or less) at Helsinki Airport

24.2.2017 at 07:00
Air travel poses its own unique set of challenges. Addressing hunger – and doing so while sticking to a budget – is one of them.

There's no denying that it can sometimes be tough to find affordable meals while waiting for your flight. The good news is that Helsinki Airport has quite a few options for hungry passengers watching their wallets.

Alepa (Terminal 2, arrivals hall 2B), for instance, is the place to go if you want to fill up without spending a whole lot. It’s possible to put together a light DIY meal for under €10. Load your grocery basket with a ham & cheese sandwich (€3.95), Valio yogurt (€0.50-0.75), a bottle of Bonaqua (€1.92) and a bar of vegan, Organic Helsinki Chocolate Factory chocolate (€2.95).

Moi! Helsinki (Terminal 2, arrivals hall 2A) offers toasties (€7.90) that, when paired with a small bottle of Coke (€2), should hit the spot nicely. These warm sandwiches are filled with serrano ham and manchego cheese, ham and cheese or goat cheese and sundried tomato.

Ulappa (Terminal 2, Departures hall) has a variety of rye and baguette sandwiches, focaccia and panini (€8.50). If you want to push the boat out a little, they also have fresh salads (€10.30).

Street food fans should head to Richie’s Gourmet Hot Dogs (Terminal 2, arrivals hall 2A-2B), where tasty sausages will only set you back anywhere from €4.50 to €8.80 for a combo.

Wine & View (Gate 26) serves a €9.90 breakfast from 5 am to 10 am. You can also create your own portion of their tapas treats starting at €4.90 for 100 grams.

Here are other great choices under €10:

Café Tori (Gates 26-27):
Meatballs, mashed potatoes €9.90
Burger €9.40
Meat pie with 2 sausages €7.90
Soup of the day €8.90

Tapio Café (Gate 24):
Chicken club brioche €8.90
Shrimp sandwich €9.90

Upper Crust (Gate 19):
Chicken bacon club baguette €9.60

Starbucks (Terminal 2, arrivals hall 2B; Gate 32):
Feta and couscous salad (small) €5.90
Salmon salad €8.90

Cesar’s Little Italy (Terminal 2, ground floor):
Salad bar €2.40/100 grams
Soup €7.50
Pizza Pepperoni €9.00
Pizza Tropicana €9.00

The Oak Barrel (Gate 22):
Meat pie €4.90
“Vety”, a meat pie with ham and egg €6.90
Hot dog €4.50

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