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Fly to the fells in Lapland - This is Ivalo Airport

Article published
25.2.2017 at 13:43
A unique view spreads before you in the midst of the wilderness: a runway and airport stand out as the only straight lines in the forest embraced by fells as Ivalo Airport welcomes travellers to the real north.

This northernmost airport in Finland is also the Lapland's oldest. Ivalo Airport has an interesting history: it was entirely rebuilt after the Lapland War, and is currently a gateway to the heart of the North, offering modern airport services.

This small but superbly efficient airport - fully functional whatever the weather - is perfect for passengers going to the exotic Lapland fells.

Fireplace warmth for your toes and soul

Although Ivalo Airport is located in the cold north, it has a warm and friendly atmosphere. A large fireplace invites you to sit and relax with a cup of hot cocoa.

Ounas chairs made by carpenters at Treeform, a local design company, invite you to relax in their elegance and comfort.

Homely, but international

Ivalo Airport is so homely it can feel like visiting a grandmother’s house, although a very international one. Take the weight off your feet in a rocking chair, enjoy the aroma of freshly baked sweet bread in the cafeteria. In fact, the owner of the gift shop will personally knit baby booties for you to take home.

And yet, the place has the magic of an international airport. Travellers gather at the window to take in the breathtaking view of snow, perhaps the first in their lives. Families with skiing gear head straight for hills covered with powder snow.

Northern lights run wild in Northern Lapland

Its location and perfect natural serenity make Ivalo a perfect place to see the northern lights of your dreams. At best, the northern lights can be seen here every other night in the winter.

– The northern lights attract many people to these parts. This clean and quiet nature is a highly sought-after rarity, says Airport Manager Jarmo Pyhäjärvi.

Ivalo Airport has a direct bus connection to Kakslauttanen, where northern lights are often seen and can be admired from a romantic glass igloo.

Soon there

Ivalo Airport has excellent connections to different locations in Northern Lapland, not to mention its close vicinity to Norway and the Arctic Ocean.

Direct bus connections ensure a smooth trip to numerous locations.

Whether your activity is skiing downhill or cross country, hiking, winter fishing, snowshoe walking, ice skating, or just relaxing, Ivalo Airport is the gateway to your destination.

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