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A green wall put up in a gate area at Helsinki Airport

10.2.2017 at 07:18
Waiting for a flight is now even more enjoyable at gates 31d and 31e at Helsinki Airport. A green wall, covering nearly the entire area, cleans the air and wooden furniture radiates the atmosphere of a forest.

The reorganisation of gate functions was the key factor when making changes in the gate area. Passengers were provided with more waiting space, for example, by turning the gate counters.

“All changes were made together with airlines and forwarding companies,” says Johanna Metsälä, customer experience manager at Finavia.

New furniture was installed, made from light wood as in the new bus gate area. Different waiting areas are separated by light weaved dividers.

The most visible addition is the green wall delivered by Naava which extends throughout the waiting area.

“We considered how to divide the space without using any conventional acrylic glass. The green wall cleans the air and improves the quality of indoor air,” Metsälä says.

Nature is also reflected in wooden stools and tables, above which suspended charger outlets will be later installed for charging mobile phones, laptops and other devices.

The uninterrupted wall pattern extends the nature theme and the floor is covered by a fitted carpet. It makes the space softer and easy to approach, and it also improves acoustics.

In addition, light ribbons have been installed in draught lobbies in the bus gate area. Gate attendants can change the colour of the light according to each airline and light up the entire draught lobby with specific colours.

Goodbye and welcome back greeting is reflected on the floor in nine different languages.

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