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Have an early morning flight with kids? No problem!

Article published
18.1.2017 at 07:00
Laura Friman with her kids on sofa.
We spoke with a mother of two to find out how her family makes sure their holiday stays on track despite an early morning flight.

Flying should be as effortless as possible, shouldn’t it? However, a 7AM departure time would peeve even the most experienced flyer. We spoke to Laura Friman, who has devised a simple and effective strategy when flying in the morning hours with her kids.

Friman lives with her family in Turku, roughly a two-hour drive from Helsinki Airport. The Frimans have been flying since their two under school-aged sons, Sulo and Uljas, were babies. To avoid logistical mishaps prior to early morning departures, the family has been spending nights at Helsinki Airport hotels.

“The idea first came to us when we booked a flight which departed from Helsinki at 7AM. We calculated that we would need leave Turku at 4AM, and that it would be easier for us to get to the airport the day before,” Friman says.

Especially for those who don’t live in and around the metropolitan area of Helsinki, or in the proximity of any airport for that matter, booking a hotel room for the night prior to flying is something worth considering, whether you have children or not.

“Spending the night at an airport hotel makes travelling the next day much more convenient. In a sense, it also
adds an extra day to the holiday experience, as you can begin to relax at the hotel,” Friman notes.

There are plenty of options in terms hotels at Helsinki Airport. There are a total of seven hotels inside a three kilometer radius of the airport, with GLO Hotel being located inside the airport itself. The service offering at Helsinki Airport has diversified significantly in the recent past, with various shops, restaurant and a men’s barbershop opening.

“Mainly we have stayed at the Hilton Hotel and left our car in the long-term parking lot. We buy our snacks from the Alepa supermarket. The opening of a Starbucks is also a great addition,” says Friman.

Though Friman and her family tend to spend nights before flights at a hotel, she does recommend booking flights so that once returning from a relaxing holiday, you are able to go straight home.

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