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Helsinki Airport's new photo exhibition is a tribute to Finnish nature photography

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Article published
26.4.2017 at 09:00
Passenger with roller bag in tow admiring gallery art at Helsinki Airport.
The Flying Nature photo exhibition opened at Helsinki Airport represents the fascinating world of aviation from a surprising angle. The exhibition is a tribute to Finnish nature photographers. Finavia celebrates the centenary of Finland's independence in different ways at its airports throughout the year.

The exhibition consists of Finnish nature photos, with nature's own talents demonstrating their flying skills. Protagonists include Finnish birds and animals – flying nature.

- Helsinki Airport has hosted different aviation photo exhibitions for more than ten years, with themes ranging from air traffic control towers to the uniforms of flight attendants. This time, aviation is depicted from the perspective of Finnish nature. There is hardly any more topical theme this close to Finland's 100th birthday, says Ville Haapasaari, director of Helsinki Airport at Finavia.

"There is hardly any more topical theme this close to Finland's 100th birthday."

The photos were selected through an open competition. Over 150 took part in the competition, of which eight were selected for the exhibition.

- During the selection process, we focused on displaying a variety of different species. This was no easy process. When we looked at the participating photos, we were truly impressed by the exceptionally high standards of Finnish nature photography, says Merja Ailama-Mäkitalo from Color-Kolmio Oy, a partner of the exhibition.

The Flying Nature exhibition will be displayed at Helsinki Airport until the end of 2017. The exhibition is jointly produced by Finavia, Color-Kolmio, Epson, Aviation Writers of Finland, Finnfoto, Kamera magazine and Merja Ailama-Mäkitalo.

Aviation photos since 2007

The idea to exhibit aviation photos at Helsinki Airport is created as a result of cooperation between Finavia, Aviation Writers of Finland and Merja Ailama-Mäkitalo.

The exhibitions have illustrated the many aspects of aviation and flying as seen through the lenses of Finnish and internationally renowned photographers. Many aviation enthusiasts regularly visit the changing exhibition.

The exhibition area is located on the arrivals floor in terminal 2. Everyone visiting the airport has free access to the area around the clock.

Finavia's ArtPort concept offers relaxing spots for passengers in the hectic airport environment.

The photo exhibition is part of Finavia's ArtPort concept, which is aimed at offering relaxing spots for passengers in the hectic airport environment.

It also offers artists an opportunity to present their works to a wide domestic and international audience: enough people pass through Helsinki Airport every day to fill out the Helsinki Olympic Stadium.

Passengers interested in photography are encouraged to also visit gate 38. The Beijing photo exhibition is produced in cooperation with Beijing Airport, Helsinki Airport's sister airport, and is on display until May 2017.

Finavia celebrates 100 years of Finnish independence

Finavia is happy to take part in different events to celebrate 100 years of Finnish independence.

- For many passengers, Helsinki Airport is their first contact with Finland. The way the airport looks, tastes and sounds is, therefore, very important. Even though Finland can be sensed here every day, we will present Finland in whole new ways during this centenary, Haapasaari says.

During the year, Helsinki Airport will, for example, feature Finland-themed apron buses. The magnificent Arctic World of Santa Claus experience area that presents Finland and Finnishness was opened at the airport at the beginning of the year.

Finland’s centenary is strongly visible at other Finavia airports as well. The My Finland – Finland 100 years photo exhibition that tours Finnish airports is part of the national Finland 100 years chain of events. The centenary can also be experienced in tastes and visual aspects at airports.

Art and other things to experience at Helsinki Airport