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Here’s three reasons to reserve a parking spot in advance

24.4.2017 at 06:00
If you’re travelling to Helsinki Airport by car, why not pre-book your parking? It saves time, makes your journey smoother and secures a spot in the parking hall of your choice.

When it comes to a passengers’ travel experience, convenient is a word that springs to mind as something that a trip should be. The build up to the flight itself matters greatly and parking is a significant part of that. Olli Lehtonen, Digital Marketing Manager at Finavia, explains three essential benefits of pre-booking parking for passengers.

1. Since passengers have their Quick Response or QR code sent to their phone, there’s no hassle at the gates of the parking hall. Also, in P5 there is a specific lane for driving into the hall for those who made arrangements in advance. You will receive a code once the parking is booked and paid for, and it will provide access to the parking area.

"As your parking is already paid for, you don’t need to worry about losing your ticket while travelling."

“As your parking is already paid for, you don’t need to worry about losing your ticket while travelling,” Lehtonen adds.

2. Pre-booking parking through the Helsinki Airport mobile application for either P1 or P2 will grant passengers access to the Premium Lane at security control. The starting price for a week of parking is €42, which is in fact less expensive than travelling by taxi to and from the airport.

“Finavia’s customer experience is all about smooth travelling, and the easy access from our parking halls to the terminals is part of that experience.”

3. Helsinki Airport is constantly improving the digital services it offers. The latest addition is the option for passengers to have their car washed at the airport while travelling. This can all be done through the Helsinki Airport website.

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