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Humans of Helsinki Airport: Krista Peurasaari

22.3.2017 at 07:00
Barbershop M Room’s Krista Peurasaari enjoys the airport’s unique working environment.

“Prior to being a Regional Manager, I worked in downtown Helsinki as a hairdresser and at our Kallio location as a Branch Manager. I’ve been working at M Room for four and half years, and as a Regional Manager I’m also responsible for the locations in Vantaa, which includes the one at the airport.

Here we get a lot of airport staff, tourists, business travelers and occasionally locals coming in for appointments. Despite having only been open for a short while, it’s been nice to see that we’ve attracted some regulars. For example, a father and son tend to come for appointments on Sundays.

Helsinki Airport’s communal vibe makes it a unique working environment. Our doors are literally always open and people come over to chat even if they aren’t scheduled for an appointment. The buzz and atmosphere compares to that of a shopping mall –there’s something for everyone here. I often have lunch at Cesar’s Little Italy, which is a popular spot among staff.

The mornings are the busiest time of day. The general atmosphere is relaxed throughout the day, however. There’s always a hustle and bustle here which is nice, but when a customer comes for an appointment, our job is to make them feel as if they were in their own living room.”

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