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Indulgence at Helsinki Airport: From massage to flight in five minutes

16.2.2017 at 12:00
How do you feel about a relaxing hot stone massage before the evening flight or a refreshing 15 minute neck massage between the day at the office and business trip? Helsinki Airport massage services make going on a trip even lovelier.

Relax and Fly Feelgood lounge is the new relaxation haven at Helsinki Airport. Two harmonic relaxation rooms offer the perfect massage for each passenger: classic massage, sports massage, hot stone massage and head massage, all these are available.

In addition, foot, neck and shoulder massage tailored especially for flight passengers and 15 minute massages are available at Relax and Fly Feelgood lounge.

- Our goal is to offer our passengers as easy, smooth and fast, but also as convenient and nice, start for the trip as possible. Travelling can be stressful, and flying is straining the body. Passenger waiting for a long flight can relax at a hot stone massage, or business traveler can enjoy a quick shoulder massage between a day at the office and business trip. The service is excellent also for our transfer passengers, Commercial Director Elena Stenholm at Finavia says.

The massage at the Relax and Fly Feelgood lounge is provided by the Finnish expert in massage, Rela-hierojat. Rela-hierojat has around 30 service points in over 10 cities all over Finland.

- It is great to have our expertise available for all Helsinki Airport passengers. We only hire trained professional massagers and masseuses who can tailor the service to best meet the needs and wants of each customer. We welcome all Helsinki Airport to enjoy and relax our massage services, says Jussi Evinsalo, CEO at Rela-hierojat.

Massage at the departure gate

In mood for a massage, but boarding starts in 15 minutes? No worries. During this spring the massagers and masseuses are spreading to the airport’s gate area and walk around the departure gates with a massage chair, offering passengers short, relaxing neck-shoulder massages.

Cosmetologist services during spring

We are not done with pampering our passengers. By the end of this spring, Relax and Fly Feelgood lounge will, in addition to massages, offer for example cosmetologist services such as hand, foot and facial treatments and shower facilities aimed for all passengers.

- Relax and Fly Feelgood lounge is the perfect place to start the holiday for friends travelling together. As Mother’s Day is approaching, mothers would with no doubt love the indulgence package reserved for them at the airport in advance, Stenholm hints.

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