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No major changes in prices of Finavia services in 2017

13.1.2017 at 07:13
Finavia will retain its moderate airport and air navigation service prices for airlines in 2017.

The largest change concerns the standardisation of prices of domestic and international flights as required by the tighter EU regulation. Air navigation charges will remain unchanged.

The aim of the European Commission is to standardise air traffic charges imposed by airports with regard to domestic and international flights. As a result, changes have been made to passenger charges, increasing the prices in domestic traffic and reducing the prices in international traffic. Passenger charges in domestic and international traffic will be balanced in 2017–2018 in accordance with the standardised pricing scheme.

Finavia will increase the 2017 prices by 1.2%, i.e. by the estimated rate of inflation. Finavia’s airport fees will remain low compared to the rest of Europe. Helsinki Airport prices are lower than those of any other European hub airport.

General background information

The infrastructure (airports and air navigation system) and services of air traffic in Finland are funded by the business profit of Finavia. Finavia’s profit mainly comprises services sold to airlines and air passengers.

The airport and air navigation service fees paid by air traffic operators in Finland do not cover the costs.

As a result of commercial services sold directly to passengers (e.g. restaurants, shops and parking), Finavia, similarly to many other airport operators, is able to offer low air traffic prices with a negative margin.