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Sleeping at the airport

Article published
28.6.2017 at 06:00
Sleeping capsules at Helsinki airport.
Survive the night with our tips!

Sometimes, sleeping at an airport is not done by choice: bad weather, unexpected IT issues and even volcano eruptions can cause delays so serious that travelers are forced to spend the night in the lobby. However, others prefer to sleep at the airport if they have an early departure or a long layover.

Sleeping at the airport doesn’t have to be uncomfortable if you are familiar with a few tips and tricks. At Helsinki Airport, you can get shut-eye in one of the GoSleep Sleeping pods. This Finnish invention comes with a sliding door for privacy and storage space for your suitcase. The pods are free of charge between 1pm and 9pm, otherwise you can try them for €5/hour (Gates 31 and 37).

For a more more comprehensive experience, go for one of the airport’s lounges. The Swissport ASPIRE lounge is available for all travelers, though those without a priority pass will have to pay €38 to access the space (Gate 27). The [email protected] Lounge is a cozy space to spend time in. €48 provides access for three hours as well as good showers (between boarder control and gate 32). The Kainuu Lounge, decorated to resemble a calming forest, is entirely free of charge, and if you struggle to sleep there is a Book Swap point (Gate 31).

Make sure you hold on to your bags, or even use them as a pillow.

If you are snoozing on one of the sofas, make sure you hold on to your bags, or even use them as a pillow. The earlier you get to the airport, the better your chances of getting a prime beauty sleep spot. If possible, layer up: you might get cold, and thicker clothing makes for softer sofas. If you get hungry, Nordic Kitchen offers Scandinavian flavors 24/7. The Alepa supermarket is also open all day and night.

Quick tips

There are many lounges to choose from, featuring hot and cold meals and showering facilities

Many gates have reclining chairs

The airport has free unlimited wi-fi (search for ‘HEL Free WiFi-Open’)

Charge your phone and laptop on these gates: 11, 18-19, 20, 21, 25, 27, 31, 32A, 32, 33, 37, 38.

Have an early morning flight with kids? No problem!