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Summer is a busy time for airports – here’s how to handle the holiday rush

29.6.2017 at 10:56
The airport is buzzing during the summer. Read our comprehensive list of ways you can prepare to avoid hassles when going on holiday!

Get to the airport in good time

During the summer holiday season, Helsinki Airport is busy almost every day. It’s advisable to arrive at the airport well in advance, especially for flights departing from Thursday through Sunday between the hours of 06:00–09:00 and 15:00–18:00.

Check in advance from the company you’re flying with what time the check-in for your flight begins.

Prepare for your trip well in advance

  • Make sure your passport is valid for the amount of time required for your destination. The police service point at Helsinki Airport is not always open.
  • Check whether your flight leaves from terminal 1 or terminal 2.
  • Check in as early as possible, by computer or smartphone. Remote check-in speeds things up, especially for those travelling with hand luggage only. When you’re checking in remotely, you can choose whether to have your boarding pass printed or sent to a mobile phone.
  • Find out your airline’s restrictions on baggage size and weight. Read our useful packing instructions here.
  • During summer holidays, the airport car parks are often full. Make sure that you can get your car parked without any trouble by making a parking reservation in advance.

Check yourself in and check your baggage in at the automatic check-in points

  • If checking in at the airport, use the automatic check-in points. You’ll find the instructions for automatic check-in here. Finavia’s guides and guides working for the airlines are also happy to assist with automatic check-in.
  • Many airlines offer the possibility to print out your own baggage tags at the automatic check-in points. Printing your own tags and attaching them yourself saves time in dropping off your baggage.
  • Use an automatic baggage drop-off point if flying with Finnair, Norwegian, or SAS. You can read about the automatic bag drop points by following this link. Airline personnel will also be happy to help.

Be prepared in advance for the security control

  • To make getting through the security control as quick and convenient as possible, read these tips.
  • You can go to the security control at any of the airport security checkpoints. You can check the estimated queueing time and real-time queue situation at the various security checkpoints from here.

The airport shows consideration for all kinds of passengers

  • Helsinki Airport ensures that travelling with children is pleasant and easy. Read Helsinki Airport’s travel tips for families with children here.
  • Information on our services for passengers who are disabled or have limited mobility can be found here.
  • Follow this link to read about transporting animals by plane.

The airport is expanding in the coming years

A development programme is currently underway for increasing the capacity of Helsinki Airport. The goal of the programme is for Helsinki Airport to be able to serve 20 million passengers annually by 2020.

Expansion of terminal 2 includes new construction for check-in, security control, baggage drop, as well as an area for reception of arriving passengers.

Read more about Helsinki Airport’s development programme, and check out the splendid new sections of terminal 2.