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Summer at Helsinki Airport: Top chefs take you on a culinary tour

5.6.2017 at 05:49
This summer, you can enjoy meals prepared by leading Finnish chefs at the airport. Fly Inn features the most delicious dishes of the world-renowned Restaurant Gösta. Wine bar Wine & View offers Nordic tastes selected by top chef Eero Vottonen.

Fly Inn travels to Mänttä

Fly Inn, opened in 1969, the longest standing restaurant at Helsinki Airport, continues to present Finnish cuisine by featuring the most delicious dishes of Restaurant Gösta which operates at Serlachius Museums in Mänttä.

Henry Tikkanen, chef, owner of Restaurant Gösta and winner of the Chef of the Year 2001 title, has designed a menu which offers five dishes based on the pure and down-to-earth flavours of Restaurant Gösta.

The menu includes, for example, new potatoes from Merimasku with hollandaise sauce and wild asparagus, dry-cured rye-crusted pork with grilled little gem lettuce and mustard dressing, and rainbow trout from Huutokoski with rhubarb and nut butter.

With this menu, Fly Inn wants to highlight Gösta, Finland's leading museum restaurant, and Mänttä, a town which will host Food Camp Finland's Food & Art event in August 2017. At the event, Michelin star chefs from European museum restaurants will prepare top dinners in restaurant Gösta. The dinners are already sold out.

Restaurant Gösta is part of the Olo Group established by top chef Pekka Terävä. The group's flagship is the Michelin star-decorated Restaurant Olo.

Fly Inn: location and opening hours

Wine & View: The best Nordic tapas

This summer, Wine & View, selected the best airport wine bar in 2016, will offer a rare treat as Eero Vottonen, one of Finland's most highly merited chefs, presents the Nordic tapas menu which pays homage to Nordic flavours.

The menu includes salmon seasoned with spruce sprouts, roasted beetroot and honey, reindeer salami, potato bread and cloudberry pavlova.

“It is a wonderful experience to cook in a place like this. My goal is to promote Finnish flavours and expertise, also on an international scale, and, to make this possible, there's no place like Helsinki Airport,” Vottonen says.

The Nordic tapas menu gathers up Finnish flavours to be enjoyed in an airport environment. The airport itself set certain limits when designing the menu.

 “Here, processes are quite different from those which I'm used to at restaurants. For example, food needs to have a longer life as it is displayed in a case. These are simple combinations with an eye on Finnish flavours,” Vottonen says.

Eero Vottonen is the first Finnish winner of the international Global Chef competition, and he has gained success in European events of Bocuse d'Or, the most prestigious gastronomic competition in the world. Vottonen has worked in a number of Finnish Michelin star restaurants, such as Chez Dominique, Luomo, G.W. Sundmans and Olo.

Wine & View: location and opening hours

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