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Who gets to shop tax-free?

27.4.2017 at 07:00
Tax-free regulations can leave anyone confused, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the shops and restaurants at Helsinki Airport.

Many of the nearly 21 million* passengers traveling through Finavia airports every year take advantage of their excellent shopping opportunities.

Popular items to fill suitcases with include Finnish cosmetics and design objects, as well as reindeer products and berries, which tourists like to take home as souvenirs and Finns as gifts to their foreign friends.

All passengers can make purchases at the airports’ non-tax-free shops.

The tax-free shops, on the other hand, are only available to passengers traveling to destinations outside Finland. How familiar are you with tax-free shopping regulations? We collected a handy list of tips to go through before your next flight.

Which products can I purchase tax-free and bring to my final destination? Do I need to pay the EU or non-EU price?

This depends on your final destination. Do go for more information or ask the tax-free shop staff.

I’ve just arrived in Helsinki from another country. Am I allowed to purchase tax-free products if I  have a connecting flight within in Finland or if my final destination is Helsinki?

Unfortunately, that is not an option in Finland. We can only sell tax-free products to those traveling to destinations outside Finland. Tax-free sales regulations are governed by the laws of each individual country.

When making a purchase, can I show the boarding pass of a passenger traveling to a destination outside of Finland to purchase tax-free products?

That is not possible. To make a purchase in a tax-free shop, you must show your personal boarding pass.

Frequently asked questions

  • Are Swedish passengers allowed to purchase alcohol when traveling back home? Yes, they can make purchase in all tax-free shops.
  • Are transfer passengers allowed to make tax-free purchases? Yes, they can as long as their final destination is outside Finland.
  • Can I go to any restaurant or café? Yes, all restaurants and cafés are at your disposal, regardless of where you are traveling.
  • If I have a domestic flight or just arrived can I make purchases? Yes, all passengers can shop at the airports’ non-tax-free shops regardless of where you are traveling.

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*2016 figure