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WHSmith to open four stores at Helsinki Airport

2.5.2017 at 06:00
Together with its franchise partner SSP and Finavia, WHSmith are set to open four new locations by early 2017.

The UK-based convenience store known for its selection of books, magazines, stationery items and newspapers is opening several branches in Finland, and more specifically at Helsinki Airport.

We spoke to Heli Siren of SSP Finland to find out what customers at currently grabbing off the shelves at WHSmith.

1. The Core – Better Life, Better Performance by Oskari Saari and Aki Hintsa

The renowned Finnish sports journalist and former Formula 1 commentator Oskari Saari partners up with Aki Hintsa, an orthopedist specialized traumatology, to produce guidelines for better performance and wellbeing. Hinsta has extensive experience in working with F1 drivers, shepherding them to success and mental as well as physical wellbeing.

2. Eero Aarnio by Aila Svenskberg, Jukka Savolainen and Sami Sykkö

This ode to the famed Finnish designer displays his wide-ranging work like never before. After being initially recognized for the innovative Ball, Bubble and Pastil Chairs, more recently Aarnio has delved into the world of lighting and lamps. Eero Aarnio has been compiled and published in collaboration with the Helsinki Design Museum. “This makes for an excellent gift,” says Siren.

3. Northern Lights of Finland by Markus Hotakainen

The aurora borealis are a unique phenomenon, with Northern Europe being one of the best locations to catch a sight of them. Markus Hotakainen, a Finnish journalist and non-fiction writer, compiles beautiful images and descriptions of the lights, as well as Finnish nature overall. Souvenir tip!

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