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Airlines of Helsinki Airport: Aeroflot

Article published
21.6.2018 at 09:00
Aeroflot is Russia’s largest airline and one of the oldest airlines in the world. Learn about the carrier through our six facts.

1. Aeroflot is the Russian flag carrier and one of the oldest operating airlines in the world. The airline’s history can be traced back to February 1923, when the USSR established its civil aviation commission. The name Aeroflot, meaning “air fleet,” was adopted in 1932.

2. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, passenger air traffic in Russia was reorganised. In July 1992, Aeroflot became an airline business owned by the Russian government (51%) and the company’s employees (49%).

3. Offering domestic and international flights to more than 130 destinations, the airline is the largest one in the Russian Federation. Aeroflot operates from Moscow, and it is part of the Sky Team alliance. Sky Team is the second largest airline alliance in the world.

4. At the beginning of 2018, Aeroflot’s fleet comprised of 224 aircraft with an average age of just over four years. Most of the aircraft are Airbus, but Boeing aircraft are also included. Moreover, the fleet includes nearly 40 Sukhoi Superjet airliners.

5. In April 2018, Aeroflot was awarded in four categories in a competition organised by TripAdvisor. Among others, the airline was named Best Business Class – Europe and, once again, Best Airline – Russia. The choice was made by travellers around the world.

6. At Helsinki Airport, Aeroflots operates in terminal 2, and flies a route between Helsinki and Moscow, three times a day. The third daily flight was added recently, in October 2017.

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