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CFO Niclas Köhler spends the day at security control

Article published
13.10.2018 at 10:00
Talousjohtaja Niclaksen päivä turvatarkastuksen matkassa
People & Aviation
Finavia offers its employees the opportunity to take part in job rotation and try their hand at different tasks so they can better understand how the airport works. Finavia’s CFO Niclas Köhler spent a day with Helsinki Airport’s Duty Officer Olli Huovinen and observed various airport functions.

CFO Niclas Köhler and Airpro’s Duty Officer Olli Huovinen started their day by observing the security control at Helsinki Airport, which is very busy in the morning when there are many flight departures. From the security control, they moved on to premises that are not accessible to passengers, such as the cargo hold security control where bags are checked and, when necessary, opened.

“One thing that caught my attention at the cargo hold security control was the large number of power banks found in passengers’ luggage. Power banks are not allowed in the cargo hold, but quite a large pile is removed every day,” Niclas says.

The bustling security control for transfer passengers

Niclas’s and Olli’s next station was the security control for transfer passengers arriving from outside the Schengen area. The transfer security control is very busy in the afternoon due to the arrival of many flights from Asia.

“I’ve never passed through Helsinki Airport as a transfer passenger, so it’s interesting to see the process from the point of view of these passengers,” Niclas says.

“Unfortunately, Niclas was not allowed to try any of the security officer’s actual tasks because they require special permits and education, so we had to settle for the role of spectator,” Olli explains.

Important customer encounters

Security control is an important customer encounter and the security officer must always remember the value of a personal service experience, no matter how busy it is.

“During the morning rush, the atmosphere was much more relaxed than I had anticipated, and I got the impression of nice and easy-going customer service. It’s great to see the real customer service provided at the airport every day and to get a close-up look at the customer path and customer experience,” Niclas says.

“This is quite different from my typical day at work, and that’s what makes this job rotation such a magnificent opportunity. I’ve also acquainted myself with the work of the airport information desk and baggage handling. This expands my perspectives and gives me new insight into my own line of work,” Niclas says, summing up the experience.