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Delays and cancellations in air traffic on Thursday, 1 Feb 2018

1.2.2018 at 09:45
Cleaning snow on runway.
In Helsinki-Airport, there will be delays in flight schedules on Thursday, 1st of February 2018, due to air traffic restrictions. In addition, some airlines have announced cancelling some of their flights due to bad weather conditions.

Arriving and departing flights from Helsinki Airport are expected to suffer delays throughout the day. The airport will be opened as usual, but restrictions on air traffic are probable due to wind conditions and snow plowing of runways.

Finavia will do everything we can to ensure that airlines could operate as usual.

We kindly ask passengers to follow airline's own news on the situation. For example on Information about Finnair traffic, passengers can follow the status of a flight and to learn more on procedures.

Flight status on Finavia's homepage:

Updated: 1.2.2018,