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Five blogs for fans of flying

5.1.2018 at 09:00
From news and insight from a collective of talented journalists to an Instagram feed filled with aviation inspiration, here are sites to bookmark and enjoy.

Do you get excited about going to the airport as much as – or perhaps even more than – going on the actual holiday? Unlike other passengers, do you always pay close attention to the safety demonstration and read the in flight safety card? Do you find yourself breezing through security check? Are you Team Airbus or Team Boeing?  

Whether you have answers to most or all these questions, one thing is clear: You clearly have a thing for aviation. Congratulations! 

To further enable your love affair with airports and air travel, here are five aviation-related blogs that are updated regularly, encourage writing, commenting, or sharing, or represent the best and most interesting aspects of the industry. If you have your own personal favorites not found from this list, feel free to let us know.  

1. Runway Girl Network 

Combining industry intelligence with first-hand knowledge of the airline passenger experience, this collective of talented aviation journalists provides news and insight to both aviation industry stakeholders and the general public. 

2. Airplane Geeks Podcast 

This weekly audio program covers commercial, military, and general aviation topics, and usually features a prominent industry guest. With the aim to educate and inform listeners – and entertain them along the way – episodes typically consist of several segments, from the week’s aviation news and events to an aviation history segment. 

3. The Aviation Blog 

This prosaically titled platform for dialogue on aviation matters gathers together EU policy makers and industry partners. Its goal it to support a European aerospace agenda focused on enabling sustainable air transport growth in the continent. 

4. Flightstory 

The channel is comprised of short news articles, photos, videos and reviews by flight attendants, pilots, check-in agents, and dispatchers. Categories include commercial, military and business aviation, and content is even organized according to aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing, and Embraer, among others. 

5. Aviation Daily 

This Instagram account boasts over 435,000 followers and for good reason. From a shot of the Dubai skyline floating on clouds to a dramatic photo of a Qantas A380’s low landing on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten, it reposts photos and video for aviation fans to enjoy – as long as each one is carefully taken and has the hashtag #aviationdaily.    

IG: aviationdaily 

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